Saturday, December 24, 2011

Annual report and season's greetings from Purposeful Penny

Dear Purposeful Penny members and donors,

We want to express our appreciation for your support and interest in our initiative. With your help, Purposeful Penny was able to make this year’s fundraising efforts a great success.

Purposeful Penny completed its second year of operation, during which the group collected a total of $3,897. Of the amount collected, Purposeful Penny donated $2,819 to Bright Kids Uganda in November 2011. The remaining $1078.65 was sent to Brother’s Brother Foundation for relief work in Japan in May and July 2011. (Please find attached file of the annual report for more details).

Starting from January 2012, Purposeful Penny will launch a new executive board with new group of people. Purposeful Penny expects a continued growth and a new leap forward the next level of its initiative with new talents.

Taking the opportunity of this holiday season’s greeting, we would like to deliver our gratitude to you for all your whole-hearted support.  We will send you follow-up letters to let you know where our efforts are moving toward. 

Best wishes,
Purposeful Penny Executive Board
(Jonathan Jeong, Aya Okada, Khurram Butt, Alla Khadka, Tiffany Stacy, and Tomomi Korenaga)

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