Saturday, October 29, 2011

Purposeful Penny's Fundraiser Dinner: A Great Success!

Purposeful Penny's third fundraiser dinner turned out to be a great success. Purposeful Penny collect about $700 in one night event. 
Around 50 people showed up and 16 volunteer chef participated in this fundraiser dinner. Dr. Picard and Mrs. Pauline Greenlick joined the dinner fundraiser. Mrs. Pauline Greenlick served as a volunteer chef providing the most authentic American dishes. Kristine Frye shared her experience in Bright Kids Uganda.
Imagine more than 15 ethnic foods in one place~. Very enriched moment. Not only about the physical nutrition, but also, more importantly, about the cultural and social communication with a shared cause. 
A variety of groups joined and introduced their mission and activities including Global Pittsburgh, Nepali community in Ohio, peace corp association, Asian Studies Center, and so forth. 
Purposeful Penny appreciate all of you who attended the fundraiser dinner.

Best regards,
Jonathan, Tiffany and Tomomi (Event committee members)

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